What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is an individual experience and is not alike for everyone.

What is hypnotherapy?

Much has been written concerning the state that is hypnosis and the attempts to describe it has been many. Because of its effective therapeutic results and pleasant and calming experience, we are beginning to witness a broader use of the specialty area of Hypnotherapy. By way of introducing the subject to you, I feel it would be helpful to define the two elements used; Hypnosis and Therapy.

Hypnosis is an individual experience and is not alike for everyone. It is a temporary condition of altered attention. There is no magic connected with hypnosis. The effects of hypnosis depend on the willingness and the motivation of the client. “Will I have to stare at a swinging pocket watch?” No. That idea is popular because it is easy to become mesmerized by staring at something. A repetitive motion, such as swinging, is monotonous enough to lull anyone into relaxation. In reality your induction into the hypnotic state will be with words. You will feel pleasantly relaxed, not asleep or unconscious. This is similar to being engrossed in a TV program while overhearing a conversation in the background. Some say it feels like meditation. Your body may feel heavy or light as if you’re floating. Some feel warm and many feel tingling sensations throughout their body. Everyone has the ability to enter the hypnotic state. Hypnosis is an experience elicited from within, not induced from without. Each session you will go as deep or as light as you choose. My task is to guide your own natural ability to a climate of change.

Therapy is then delivered in many different forms. When in the hypnotic state, words are heard free of interference of the critical analytic conscious mind. When in the hypnotic state you are able to focus more precisely on the words, images and ideas provided to you that enhance motivation and change. Changes in attitudes and behaviors, reducing stress and fears are reached by using several different therapeutic strategies. My approach to Hypnotherapy is an integrative, multidimensional approach. Depending on the individual client, direct or indirect suggestions may be used as well as a combination of guided imagery, metaphor, neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) and insight oriented techniques.

Working together as a team our goal is to alter behavior that is not currently serving you well, reach higher goals or resolve past conflict or trauma. Hypnosis simply makes the changes you want in your life easier to achieve. My job as the therapist is but a guide whose job is to bring out the strength you already have within you.

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