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One of the most positive experiences Iv’e had in memory. Diane Brach is not only a great hypnotherapist but she’s also a good-humored, empathetic person. Each session left me feeling both relaxed and renewed. In regard to my own personal reason for visiting Diane, her tailored hypnotherapy helped me achieve what seemed an insurmountable goal.
-Mitch C.*

Have not had a cigarette in over 30 days. Thanks for all your help.
-Mary S.*

Thank you for being there for me. My presentation went better than I expected. I felt very comfortable. Our meetings have been very successful.
-Martha C.*

Thank you so much. My presentation went so well. Got tons of pats on the back. Lots of thumbs up. Could not have done this talk without you. Thank you so much!
-Lauri S.*

Just want to thank you for all the help. My interview went really well. Once again thank you very much and see you soon.
-Jose A.*

I haven’t bit my nails! I’m doing great. I’m excited. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Thank you so much. I know I’ll see you again. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
-Matt M.*

An excerpt from Brooklyn and Boyle Art And Life publication September 2012:

‘”You probably understand as a writer, what it means to be blocked…..As a painter, I was stuck. I just couldn’t do it. With the help of [Diane Brach] hypnotherapist, I was able to unlock and unblock an entire new body of work.” Under hypnosis, the artist saw himself painting at times with both hands in the style he had already begun to develop on a subconcious intellectual level. According to the artist, the hypnotherapist actually witnessed him going through the physical motions. Under hypnosis and with absolutely no brush or paint in his grasp he labored on. The artist stated, “I wasn’t aware of what was happening until later when she told me what she had seen. Then she said ‘Now you go and do them.’ It’s a great tool. I’m very lucky of the experience, an experience which has allowed him to overcome a very tangible wall, an internal resistance to change.’

Written by Abel Salas, publisher and editor-in-chief. *

We thank you for your great skills and service as a hypnotherapist and your joy in the profession. We are better for having worked with you and sharing in your excitement for life and growth and change.
- Rob and Jo G.*

Thank you so much Diane for your understanding, patience, and sensitivity. Although I still have work to do, certainly my life is dramatically changed for the better. I love working with you and the great results I’ve gotten from hypnotherapy.
- Joanne W.*

Thank you so much for being there for me. You have an amazing gift. I’m in my way to success and I want to thank you.
- Chris M.*

Thank you for your excellent presentation at our meeting. It was interesting and informative. You could tell by the large number of questions from the audience that the subject of hypnotherapy was of great interest to our members.
Annette B., Vice President, California State Employees Association*

You have positively impacted some of the most important people in my life in business. I look forward to the experience that will allow us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Thank you for assisting us in the transformation.
Gloria P., Team Leader, Primerica Financial*

I want to give my deepest thank you for leading our guided imagery classes. It has made a huge difference for me and greatly improved my quality of life. Thanks to your generosity. This difficult time is a lot more bearable. Can’t say enough.
- Jessica P., Cancer Support Community, Pasadena*

My husband and I found our sessions with Ms. Brach to be both life changing and life enhancing. Her clarity, compassion and insightfulness allowed us to see our marriage in a new light and with a new love. She was for us “a safe place to fall” while we recovered from years of misinformation, wounded hearts and damaged childhoods. We intend to continue using her services as needed and to recommend her to others. She has our appreciation and admiration for the significant breakthroughs in communications which she continually accomplished as she gently moved us forward toward finding solutions to long standing and difficult problems. Our thanks to Ms. Brach for being an instrument of peace, love and professionalism in a very challenging vocation of helping others know their minds and their hearts so they can make good choices about their lives.
- Steven and Amber O.*

This is just a note to say “THANK YOU” As you know for my 65th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily I only needed a lumpectomy and then 8 weeks of radiation. My fear was the pain from the radiation burns. I did everything the doctors suggested, but I also added hypnotherapy sessions with you. Everyone, doctors, technicians and nurses were amazed that I had no burns from the radiation. One visit they even checked the machines to see if I was receiving the proper dose. I felt fine and healed quickly. I truly believe my sessions with you helped me grow in mind, body and spirit.
- Madeline T.*

My pre-surgery sessions with you were a profound experience. I was terrified by the pain and the possibility that I wouldn’t walk again. Your post hypnotic suggestions all happened just as you had said they would. I was free of fear and pain and smiling from ear to ear. Bottom line …I’m walking pain free dancing every day. I have total belief in the power of Diane Brach.
- Pamela R.*

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